The Warrior2Citizen Luncheon and Fundraiser was held at the Cherokee Town Club on July 25, 2019.  Almost 200 people turned out to support the organization and it’s mission of helping the families of our warfighters and first responders restore and strenghten their bonds which have been sorely tested by their careers.

The keynote speaker, Rocky Bleier, a story of healing by Grant McGarry and the words of Roger Wise will touch your heart and give you deeper insights into the stresses America’s Hero Families face and the difference that Warrior2Citizen makes.

Paul and LeJewel Witherspoon
How Warrior2Citizen Put Understanding, Love
and Resilience Back In Our Marraiage

Grant McGarry, Veteran and Author of
“A Night in the Pech Valley”

Roger Wise, Veteran and Member of
The Warrior2Citizen Steering Committee

Fox News Special

Atlanta area non-profit held fundraiser for veterans, families