Warrior to Citizen, Inc. (W2C) Announces the Completion of a Highly Effective Program for Army Ranger Candidates Faced With the Loss of Two of Their Team Members on Mt. Yonah on August 14, 2022

A Program Focused on Processing and Dealing With Grief with 50 Rangers of the 5th RTB

Alpharetta   —Warrior to Citizen, Inc. (W2C) announced the successful completion of the custom program “Dealing With Grief in The Face Of The Loss Of A Ranger Comrade”

“It was a great success based on the evaluations from all of 50 participants,” said Mike Roberts, President & CEO at Warrior to Citizen, Inc. (W2C).

Positive Impact

W2C has had a history of developing and delivering highly successful programs for Soldiers, 1st Responders, and their families.  Programs address topics including building family resilience, strengthening relationships and marriage, managing PTSD and moral injury, and suicide prevention using its experienced team of licensed professional therapists, other clinicians, and chaplains.

Participant feedback from the 50 attendees was that the training and counseling provided made it easier to deal with the grief with the losses of the Rangers that occurred in this training accident.  Some of their impressions were:

“Exceeds expectations” “Very much enjoyed the entire event” “…speaking one-on-one with the counselors was very effective…”  “The content … was very introspective and supportive”  “this whole workshop definitely exceeded my expectations”  “I came in not wanting to come and I’m leaving grateful that I did with new tools” “Great Team, Great Work”

Founded in 2010, Warrior to Citizen, Inc. (W2C) mission is to reduce the long-term psychological and physical effects of trauma-induced stress on America’s Heroes and their families.

We serve post 9-11 military & veterans, and the police, fire, and EMT first responders who we rely on to keep our communities safe and protected through proven programs for all members of the family.  Over 120 families have participated in our programs to date.


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