“Maintaining Resiliency in Public Safety and
Developing and Maintaining Resilient Family and
Work Relationships for Military Families”

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A One Day Workshop Featuring Lunch with NFL Hall-of-Famer, Rocky Bleier
Your home can be a place of peace that builds you up, or it can be a place of stress that leaves you tired and anxious. The goal of this workshop is to help you provide a safe and supportive experience in your home for interpersonal growth and deeper relationships.

Do you want to restore your environment and build resilience for difficult times? Join us and review the keys to better communication, and strategies for building and maintaining healthy relationships with your family and children. You’ll put
what you learn to work immediately improving things!

It is a perfect educational opportunity for couples interested in learning more about:

  • Practical skills and tools to foster effective communication
  • Developing a plan to build strong couple bonds
  • Dealing with trauma, building resiliency and maintaining healthy families

Our luncheon speaker is nationally renowned Rocky Bleier.  He will offer his engaging perspectives about life challenges, resiliency, and family.  Rocky is an NFL Hall of Famer who was a Pittsburgh Steelers Superstar. His accomplishments don’t stop there.  He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, author and play-wright, business executive, and board member of Warrior2Citizen, Inc. A link to his background video clip is at: http://www.rockybleier.com/

If you would like to attend and are a First Responder or Military Family, please contact us for more information.

Your Presenters
David Lane, PhD
Barbara J. Roberts, LPC
Justin Wells, LPC
Eckart Werther - Panel Facilitator
Your Presenters

Meet your presenters.

David Lane, PhD

  • Dealing with trauma, building resiliency and maintaining healthy families

David Lane is the founder of the Counseling Program and Professor of Counseling in Penfield College of Mercer University in Atlanta.

He has over 40 years’ experience as a counselor, counselor educator and supervisor. Dr. Lane is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Nationally Board-Certified Counselor, a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, and a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists.

He is in his twenty fourth year at Mercer University, where he was founding faculty member of the counseling program. Prior to coming to Mercer, he was the founder and Coordinator of the Community Counseling and Marriage and Family Counseling Programs at Columbus College (now Columbus State University).

While at Columbus he worked with Ft. Benning and the Department of the Army to create a program to train Army Chaplains in Marriage and Family Counseling. The program was highly successful, and the Army sends these Chaplains all over the world to work with soldiers and their families.

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, David worked extensively for over a year in Haiti leading teams of professionals to train pastors, teachers, and mental health providers in trauma assessment and care. In the wake of the Newtown, CT, Sandy Hook School shootings in 2012, David led teams to train pastors and community workers to assist with the trauma.

He was a Board member of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia for over ten years where he served as the Ethics Chair and worked on the Supervision Credentialing Committee. 

He was also Editor of the Georgia Journal of Professional Counseling for ten years.  He has published numerous articles, book chapters, and manuscript reviews in the field of Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy and is co-author of Ready to Learn: Teaching Children How to Succeed in School, a nationally award-winning program for pre-school and early childhood classrooms.

In addition, he is author or co-author of seven other books in the field of counseling and trauma.  He is a regular presenter at local, regional, national, and international workshops in the field of Counseling.  His research has ranged from trauma, marriage and family issues, and work with children.

Barbara J. Roberts, LPC

  • Developing a plan to build strong couple bonds

Barbara Roberts has over forty years of experience as an educator, trainer and Licensed Professional Counselor.  Ms. Roberts’ work in the field of psychotherapy spans community outreach to private practice, with a focus on adults in individual, couple, and family therapy. 

She has expertise in counseling multi-cultural clients with marriage, family, and adjustment issues. Ms. Roberts has presented a variety of seminars on parenting skills, child abuse awareness and prevention, and she has conducted psycho-educational workshops covering a variety of mental health themes for veteran families, pastors, deacons, and those in ministry. 

Ms. Roberts has recruited and managed teams of volunteers and professionals, developed, implemented, and supervised programs for marriage preparation and enrichment at the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta in her role as Assistant Director to the Office of Family Concerns.  Additionally, she has facilitated the administration and interpretation of bi-lingual assessment tools.

Ms. Roberts has been a supervisor for therapists preparing for professional licensing exams.  She has been a Licensed Professional Counselor, Affiliate Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, and a National Board-Certified Counselor since 1991.

Justin Wells, LPC

  • Practical skills and tools to foster effective communication

Justin started his journey to work with families back in 2004 when he received his bachelors in Mission work from Oklahoma Christian University. 

Later in 2011 he became a Marriage and Family Therapist through the University of Central Oklahoma.  Two years later, with a passion to have as many doors opened as possible he graduated from the University of Oklahoma as an MSW. 

He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Alissa, working at a group counseling practice in Rockaway.  Justin also serves as a 1st Lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where Commands the HHC 213th Regional Support Group.  He has helped create and facilitates a marriage retreat for veterans, first responders and their families in Atlanta called Warrior2Citizen.

A servant himself, Justin seeks to support others who provide service for there is no greater calling than to serve and support those who in turn support others.  Throughout his career he has always focused well beyond the identified client, knowing that the system needs help, not just ‘the one with the problem.’ 

In understanding the system, we can understand why an individual reacts to it the way they do.  This applies to any family as well.  Though one member may have more going on, the whole family does better when all members seek support.

Eckart Werther - Panel Facilitator

Eckart Werther PhD, LCSW (PhD '12) is a graduate of UGA’s counseling psychology program in the department of counseling and human development services—earned the advancement by achieving excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

"The accomplishments of these individuals were recognized by their peers and university leadership," said Nasser Momayezi, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Clayton State University. "They set the high academic standards so crucial to accomplishing our university's mission and achieving its goals."

As an integrative psychotherapist, Werther's work is guided by humanistic, pragmatic, interpersonal and multicultural approaches. His goal is to help clients access their unique strengths and abilities to overcome and better manage their circumstances of life.

In addition to serving as an associate professor of psychology, Werther works with the Atlanta Police Department's Employee Assistant Program, which provides free short-term assistance and counseling to employees and their dependents.



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Nov 2-4, 2018
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Maintaining Resilience in Public Safety
A Workshop Featuring Lunch with
NFL Hall-of-Famer Rocky Bleier

September 14, 2018, 9am-5pm North Point Community Church (The Attic)

8:30 9:00        Coffee and Pastries

9:00-9:30        Welcome/ Introductions/Agenda  –  John Robison, Chief – Alpharetta  Public Safety,
– Michael Roberts (COL Ret.)
– Douglas Carver (MG CH Ret.)

9:30-10:30      Skills and Tools to Foster Effective Communication        Justin Wells, LSW

10:30-10:45    Break

10:45-11:45    Strategies for Building Healthy Relationships                  Barbara Roberts, LPC

11:45-12:00    Break

12:00-1:30      Lunch & Motivational Speaker                                              Rocky Bleier
Resiliency, Challenges, Family, Attitude

1:30-1:45        Break

1:45-2:45        Children; Trauma and Family Resiliency                             David Lane, PhD, LPC

2:45-3:45        Q& A Panel   Discussions                              Speakers, Chaplains, other community
                          Facilitation led by:     Eckart Werther PhD counselor to the Atlanta Police Dept.

3:45-4:00        Opportunity for attendee participation in the Nov HLTP            Michael & Justin

Acknowledgements:  APSD Team, APSD Chaplain, W2C, YMCA, VIP’s

4:00-5:00        Networking…an opportunity to share your thoughts, meet friends and acquaintance’s

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