Couples discuss their experience at the Home Life Transition Program

Proven Solutions

W2C programs are tailored to the special needs of each group served. Each program has been designed by veterans in collaboration with university and private practice mental health professionals; including  participation by other experienced personnel such as chaplains.  The programs have been proven to make lasting improvements in relationships, increase the ability to build and maintain resiliency and deepen relationships.

Warrior 2 Citizen Transition Program (W2CTP)tm

W2C's three-phase approach uses a unique evidence-based resiliency program for veterans who may have endured war-trauma and who are transitioning to civilian life and for their family members (spouses and children between the ages of 6 to 17 attend portions of the...

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Home Life Transition Program (HLTP)tm

  The HLTP is a six-month program that combines assessment, counseling, training and spirituality to address the needs of the “whole person” at no-cost to the service member. The HLTP is a process for marital health.  It begins with an initial...

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