We reduce the long-term psychological and physical effects of trauma induced stress on America’s Heroes and their families.

We serve post 9-11 military & veterans, and the police, fire and EMT first responders who we rely on to keep our communities safe and protected.


Within 10 years, we have our programs operating nationwide in all major cities, so all Hero Families and others can find the specialized assistance needed for their families to thrive and look to the future with new confidence and happiness.

Our Goals

Broaden our reach and impact:

Continue to develop and deliver little or no-cost psycho-educational and counseling programs to Hero Family members. The adults and children often suffer from traumatic stress effects including suicide, divorce, domestic violence, hypervigilance and child adjustment issues.
We do this through evidence-based and continually refined programs that effectively provide an observable, measurable reduction in symptoms and an increased measure of family resiliency.
Increase our impact with tailored programs to meet the needs of civilian First Responders including Police, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel and similar groups who experience similar stress and family challenges.
Extend our scope to address stress induced trauma and the resultant symptoms of institutional children and similar cohorts. State supervised Foster Home children represent a large and generally overlooked group who suffer symptoms similar those of the children of military and First Responders where our unique experience can make an observable and measurable difference.