A Workshop For America’s Hero Families

Your home can be a place of peace that builds you up, or it can be a place of stress that leaves you tired and anxious. The goal of this workshop is to help you provide a safe and supportive experience in your home for interpersonal growth and deeper relationships.

Do you want to restore your environment and build resilience for difficult times? Join us and review the keys to better communication, and strategies for building and maintaining healthy relationships with your family and children. You’ll put what you learn to work immediately improving things!

Warrior to Citizen (Warrior2Citizen) has been proven to help couples reconnect emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and we now offer the ability to help the whole family by bringing children into the healing experience. When parents experience difficulties, their children absorb those struggles.

This all too regularly leads to behavioral problems, anxiety, changes in eating or sleeping, mood swings, physical complaints, acting out, loss of interest in usual activities, and much more. Since people instinctively get locked into their thinking and behavioral patterns, it justifies the need to address concerns of the family unit. Children need help putting words to what they experience, once they have the words, hey are able to start their healing process.

By adding a program for the couples’ children we offer the whole family a chance to heal, grow, and reconnect. Integrating the child’s healing with the parents allows the whole family to return home to a new dynamic, one where everyone has the chance to be different than when they arrived at the retreat.

For more information on attending either of these programs, download the PDF.

Where? High Harbor, Lake Allatoona, GA

When? November 8-10, 2019

QUESTIONS: Please call Warrior2Citizen, Inc. at 800-958-4650