Psychological Programs and Development Steering Committee Chair

Justin began his journey in Counseling in 2004 when he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mission work from Oklahoma Christian University. In 2011, he became a Marriage and Family Therapist through the University of Central Oklahoma. Passionate about leveraging his talents to serve and assist military, first responders, and their families, he pursued and obtained his Master’s degree in Social Work in 2013.

Justin joined the Army in 2009 and is a Captain in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where he serves as the SPO Transportation Officer for the 728th CSSB. As a servant leader, Justin seeks to support others who serve and put their own lives at risk to protect their neighbors, communities, and country. To Justin, there is no greater calling than to be there and help those who serve others.

Throughout his career, Justin has always focused well beyond his client; he has regularly recognized that it is not simply “the one with the problem” (or the client at hand) that needs assistance. The system itself plays a big role and could use help too. In understanding the system, or the context and surroundings, the reasons behind why an individual might react the way s/he does is better understood. This naturally applies to family units as well. While one family member may have “more going on,” the whole family does better when all members participate in, or embrace, seeking support. Among the Warrior2Citizen Programs Justin has created and rolled out is the Home Life Transition Program, a marriage retreat for veterans, first responders and their families.

Justin currently resides in Pennsylvania where he runs a private counseling practice.  405.426.0791