Psychological Programs and Development Steering Committee Chair

Justin started his journey to work with families back in 2004 when he received his bachelors in Mission work from Oklahoma Christian University.  Later in 2011 he became a Marriage and Family Therapist through the University of Central Oklahoma.

Two years later, with a passion to have as many doors opened as possible he graduated from the University of Oklahoma as an MSW.  He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Alissa, working at a group counseling practice in Rockaway.

Justin also serves as a 1st Lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where Commands the HHC 213th Regional Support Group.  He has helped create and facilitates a marriage retreat for veterans, first responders and their families in Atlanta called Warrior2Citizen.

A servant himself, Justin seeks to support others who provide service for there is no greater calling than to serve and support those who in turn support others.  Throughout his career he has always focused well beyond the identified client, knowing that the system needs help, not just ‘the one with the problem.’

In understanding the system, we can understand why an individual reacts to it the way they do.  This applies to any family as well.  Though one member may have more going on, the whole family does better when all members seek support.