The HLTP is a six-month program that combines assessment, counseling, training and spirituality to address the needs of the “whole person” at no-cost to the service member.

The HLTP is a process for marital health.  It begins with an initial questionnaire/survey completed online by each potential participant approximately 30 days prior to the retreat weekend. Our counselors and chaplains will use this confidential information to better address the specific needs that participants identify as important.

Next, couples attend a four-day retreat where they work on seven key areas of focus to build relationship skills. They are designed to significantly enhance their communication skills, strengthen trust and enrich their relationships. In addition, couples have the opportunity to take advantage of private, confidential counseling and coaching sessions to address specific concerns.

The HLTP team encourages couples to “dig deep” as the topics can be tough . . . but significantly critical to grow and sustain their relationships!

At the retreat, we discuss some potentially challenging issues:

  • Communication: Couples examine their behaviors during disagreements, practice active listening skills and learn to clearly state their feelings to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Hyper-Vigilance: Couples learn to identify and overcome the moments they feel “on-guard” while examining the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact this has on the family.
  • Moral Injury & Guilt: Couples learn to identify and communicate the moral conflicts that arise in combat and the injuries that cause shame and guilt.
    Forgiveness: Couples learn how true forgiveness can strengthen relationships with oneself, one’s family, and one’s community.
  • Grief & Loss: Couples learn how to begin coping with unaddressed grief, how to share grief, and how to help a loved one who struggles with grief.
  • Common Areas of Conflict: Couples learn how money, sex and family (extended & blended) can cause conflict in any marriage, if not properly addressed.

Formula for Success: Couples learn how to honestly assess their relationship, while identifying their strengths and challenges as individuals, and as a couple.
After completing the HLTP retreat, participants have access to counseling from therapists, coaches, and chaplains available to them for five more months at no extra cost other than a $100 administration fee. If couples find themselves in need of further support, the HLTP staff is dedicated to making appropriate referrals.

The W2C counselors and chaplains are committed to providing five-months of no-cost after-care to our couples (2 sessions per month). In addition, 45-, 90-, and 150-days after the retreat, couples are expected to complete brief follow-up questionnaires so our counselors can track progress of the couples and identify ways to improve the experience.

Program Application

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