Program Manager

George Horack is currently the Program Manager for W2C, responsible for the operational coordination and successful delivery of HLTP events.

George started his career by in the Navy, where he served 20 years in naval aviation assigned to various commands. He began in naval aviation, working in aircraft maintenance, line operations and flight crew as an aft observer on TA-4J aircraft.  He next served as Command Career Counselor and instructor at NATTC/NARU Memphis. After Memphis and a tour with VPF-206 in Washington D.C., he was transferred to Commander Naval Reserve Force (CNRF) where he served as the retention team analyst and later as a member of the CNRF Inspector General (IG) team.  As a member of the IG team, he alone inspected remote Naval Reserve Centers across the US. He completed his career at NAS Atlanta as AIMD Chief and later was requested by the base commander to assist with personnel and legal matters. George retired from the Navy in 1994.

After a successful career in the US Navy, George began a successful career in the corporate community. He easily transitioned into the role of Program/Project Management within healthcare, IT and business organizations.  His career path has let him to success as a corporate training manger, program manager, account manager and independent business consultant. He has been responsible for budgets of over $14M for clients across the healthcare and IT industries and a staff of project managers, project coordinators, instructors, business analyst and administrative staff.  He continues to stay involved in the business community by contracting with prior employers to assist in managing their client accounts and augmenting staff.

George lives in Woodstock, Georgia with Beth, his wife of 40 years. He has two adult children; Christopher and Stephanie.