Warrior to Citizen, Inc. (W2C) Co-Founder, President, Chairman –

Michael Roberts (COL Ret) is President and Chairman of W2C serving veteran families as a volunteer non-salaried executive. His experience spans over thirty years as a trusted advisor for military intelligence, homeland security, and intelligence agencies.

Michael served “in- theatre” over fifteen-years providing intelligence support for combat missions. As an intelligence analyst, leader, educator, and strategic advisor to senior government officials, he is accomplished at developing visionary and pragmatic human and signal intelligence solutions in support of the warfighter and homeland security activities.

He has a keen understanding of the challenges of intelligence requirements, policy development considerations, and governance issues facing program development in DOD and intelligence agencies. He co-founded W2C as a result of his sense of responsibility to help address the many pervasive problems facing transitioning veterans and their families, including suicide, marital discord, divorce, etc.

In the not-for-profit world he has led teams addressing efforts to establish resiliency programs for the veteran family left homeless and other caregiving activities including developing “mega church” veteran support programs. He has been on the faculty and management staff of the Georgia Tech, GTRI, University of Georgia, & the University of South Florida.

Michael began his career with IBM and over decades worked on developing and utilizing leading edge artificial intelligence technologies to support national defense, intelligence and homeland security programs.  Michael attended Stevens Institute for Technology and St. Peter’s College, has completed National Security and Strategic Studies post graduate work at the Army War College, and has been credentialed as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) and Certified Management Consultant.

He has spoken at international conferences and symposia addressing the threats of terrorism, strategic initiatives for the medical aspects of incident management and intelligence gathering methods. He is married and has two grown children and two grandchildren.  He resides in Georgia.