Steering Committee and Marketing Manager for W2C

– Business Advisor and Marketing Consultant

Chris advises business owners on company issues and strategy. A 25 year marketing executive and multiple business owner, he helps companies grow faster and with greater certainty so they achieve the owner’s personal goals quickly.  When the time comes to move on, he helps ensure you  have a company that is sought out by business buyers and that will maximize the owner’s return on years of hard work.

He does that through a combination of years of experience in large and small firms, starting new companies and growing and selling a large direct marketing company.  I also am the owner and area developer for FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training.

The owner/publisher of a Monthly Custom Newsletter Service, Chris has produced FocalPoint’s internationally distributed newsletter for over 8 years.  Its- actionable strategies and insights that help business owner manage better and grow faster has thousands of subscribers worldwide: Read his monthly FocalPoint Business Newsletter.

He is active in non-profit organizations and was a founder and first President of the over 700+ member Georgia Nature Photographers Association, currently serving on the Board of Directors.